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preparing for proposal :)

preparing for proposal :)

My wonderful group working on the proposal. Such amazing people. WORKING LIKE A BOSS


5 thoughts on “preparing for proposal :)

  1. Mary, I love how your putting your leadership skills to work! Where is this? Our group has been meeting in different places on campus and none have looked as cool as this. I like how everyone is doing their own thing. It’s funny and you guys truly look like bosses.

    This class was filled with amazing people and I’m glad your one of them! I feel like I have known you much longer than just this past 7 weeks. I’m sad our class is coming to an end, but it is the beginning of a great friendship. Keep up the good work guys!

    • That was the cutest comment i ever got. Your truly a great person. Im so happy i met you. Cant wait for future plans. The class was amazing i will miss everyone a alot.

  2. this is the best group that i was ever into in my whole life. everyone is very friendly and cooperative. whenever we meet up, we end up have so much fun and also get our work done at the same time. cant wait to go out with you guys after our class. it will be so much fun i know that by how much fun we have when we meet.

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